Feeling Close (Dershane Notes – Part 1)

Nothing in this universe is actually connected. Nothing. All things just hover next to each other. The atoms that make us up hover next to each other by about ten raised to the negative eight meters. Scaled to proportions that matter to us, it could be probably the distance of the moon to earth if you’re looking down from one of the the many galaxies God has created.

Atom Molecule

So by touching someone, what you feel is not a physical connection. What you feel is what you consciously create in your mind to feel or have habitually trained your heart to feel. We all know the difference between holding the hands of someone we love and someone else’s. You could be just inches beside someone but not actually feel that person while have your heart beat for someone you long for… who may be miles away.

It’s a principle we can use to shift from having our “belief” in the HERE-AFTER as a mere concept that something exists to one that will actually help us be more attached to the AFTER, thereby be more proficient in dealing with the HERE issues. The HERE cannot only affect you as much as you’re willing to give in and the AFTER can inspire you to great deeds as long as you’ll really long for it.

So… how have you been training your heart? FC ka ba sa Hereafter?


The Power of Networking

Here is a lecture by one of the best programmers we have right now, Manuel Lima. He shows how we have shifted to another method of organizing knowledge and even actions. But how voluntary have we been in changing our approach? Are we being led to something that has always been there for us to discover.

What follows are the lecture’s concepts rendered into video courtesy of RSA Animate and the lecturer’s presentation uploaded at Slideshare.



My father has just given instructions to arrange for sadaqah (charity) in behalf of mom and maybe to solcit prayers too. He said he dreamed of her again. And timing can’t be better… the last ten days of Ramadan has set in.

It reminded me of mom. She too had a dream… a dream she shared only to her eldest daughter. So when mom passed away, my sister had to share it.

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On The Road To Find Out Lyrics (Cat Stevens)

Well I left my happy home to see what I could find out

I left my folk and friends with the aim to clear my mind out

Well I hit the rowdy road and many kinds I met there

Many stories told me of the way to get there

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What’s in a Name?

In the not-so-distant past, during the pre-Facebook era (and its NOTES feature), I had a lot of problems choosing a name for my blog. Nit picky people like me would spend months deciding. Hence, to give justice to those weeks of mind-wringing decision making, I’m sharing the runner-ups. I think it’s worth mentioning here that my self-imposed rule was for it to include my nickname, or a part of it. Here they are:

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Part 7 – The Dark Side

To see into the future, soothsayers use crystal balls. One morning, as I was shooting hoops to relieve stress, something came to me. I realized that there are a lot of reflections that come with remembering events in my life that, in one way or another, had to do with the game I love.


So, you’re bad. Or at least,  been naughty lately. How bad? You know what? That’s not you. You were born good, cool and dandy. It’s just your dark side being more active… cause you’re allowing it. Keep up the fight, Smeagol. You do not have to grow up to be on the dark side, Anakin. Take some of these reminders as you deal with Gollum and Darth Vader.

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Nth Walk Along 5th Street

If only I knew that I’ll soon leave Marawi and MSU, I would have counted those blessed walks…

It was my Visit MSU Day. I was waiting for a trike.

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